MANNA Partner Agency – Client Data

Each month, every partner agency to MANNA Food Bank is required to report their client data.  The data that we receive is integral in our work of ending hunger in western North Carolina.  By knowing how many clients our partners are serving each month, we are better able to understand where the need is the greatest in our community.

Client data for pantry partners includes demographics on gender, age and ethnicity as well as how many households and individuals were served.  In addition to client demographics, meal programs are required to report how many meals were served each month plus how many total clients were served across all meals.

Partner agencies are required to report monthly data by the end of the following month.

Beginning in August 2015, partner agencies will be able to report client data directly in the Online Ordering Tool.


The Toolkit containing detailed instructions for entering monthly client data online is now available.

MANNA Client Data Toolkit (pdf version)


Agencies MUST have their client data reported to MANNA by Friday, July 31st.  In order to ensure every partner agency has their client data in by the deadline, you may use either of the forms below.  You may print and fill out the pdf form or you can input your client data directly into the Excel form.

MANNA 2014-2015 Client Data Worksheet (pdf version)

MANNA 2014-2015 Client Data Worksheet (Excel version)

You may email your forms to Luke Allison at or you can fax them to his attention at 828-299-7959.