Welcome to Online Ordering

To get started shopping online, click the link below.

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For questions about your login or the ordering process, contact your zone coordinator, or Chris Rainwater at MANNA’s main office number (828) 299-3663 x 1272.

For the Mobile Schedule and Drop-Off Sites Click Here

Tips for Online Ordering:

  • Take your time. When you add an item to your cart, the computer has to “think” for a few seconds. This allows the system to pull your item from MANNA’s inventory before moving on to the next item. This is important for accurate availability for you and our other partners.
  • Take full advantage of all of the possible free or very low cost items you might have available to you.
  • Order every week (even if you can’t pick up or get delivery every week).
  • Use the search function to find the best deal (for instance, search “beans”, “meat”, “pasta” or “snap”.
  • Use the mixed box product codes.
  • Use the “comments” box in your order to give special instructions.
  • Come everyday between 12-2pm for free bread and produce. Call ahead to see what is available today.

The Online Ordering Process Step-by-Step

Step 1: Go to mannafoodbank.org and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Here you will find and click the “ONLINE ORDERING” button.

online ordering step zero




Step 2: You’ll find and click the large green button.

online ordering step one




Step 3: You’ll land on the login page. Enter your info. Your login credentials have been provided to you.

online ordering step two




Step 4: This is your “Home” page for online ordering. You can start shopping by clicking the green words “Order Entry” in the upper right hand corner.

online ordering step three




Step 5: Use the search box to look up specific items such as “pasta”, “chicken” or “beans”. Check the “free food only” box to search for foods with no SMF. Don’t forget to click the “search” box after typing in your specified item.

online ordering step four




Step 6: After choosing an item, wait until the green “wait” signal is done spinning before choosing your next item.

online ordering step five





Step 7: When you are ready to check out, choose “view cart” on the right hand side of the screen (there is a button at the top and one at the bottom, either button will get you to the right place).

online ordering step six



Step 8: Enter your contact information in case we have questions about your order. The box that says “Comments” is where you should give special instruction (previously called “notes”). Review your order carefully, then when you are satisfied with your order, click “Checkout” on the right hand side.

online ordering step seven




Step 9: You should be looking at a confirmation page that says, “Thank you! Your order was successfully submitted.” Print out the pdf or write down the order number to refer back to for delivery or pick up.

online ordering step seight