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For questions about your login information or the ordering process, contact the Agency Relations Manager for your zone, or the Agency Relation Coordinator at MANNA’s main office (828) 299-3663, ext 1272.

The Online Ordering Process Step-by-Step

Step 1: Go to www.mannafoodbank.org and follow one of the links to the online ordering system. The above green button can be used or you can find a link at the bottom of any page on the MANNA FoodBank website labeled “ONLINE ORDERING.”

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Or you can save the following web page into the bookmarks of your browser:

Step 2: The links to the online ordering system lead to the below Login Screen.

online ordering step two





To login you will enter information into all 3 fields.

  • Agency Ref:
    • This is your agency’s “Agency Reference Number.”
    • This is a five-digit number so you will always need to include zeroes before the assigned number.
  • Username
  • Password

If you have issues with login or do not know your username and/or password please contact the Agency Relations Coordinator at (828) 299-3663, ext 1272.

Step 3: After login, you will be directed to the Home Page. The Home Page will display the current month’s Ordering & Delivery Schedule Calendar, links to resources, and important updates for your agency.
To start your online order click “Order Entry” on the top right corner of the page.

online ordering step three





Step 4: The first step in the ordering process is choosing your “Shipping Options.”

The drop down labeled “Method” indicates how your agency will receive the order, via Pickup or Delivery. You will only have the option to change this field if your agency receives deliveries and picks up from MANNA.

The drop downs labeled “Date” and “Time” indicate the date your order would be picked up or delivered to your agency. Your agency will have an assigned pickup day/time or assigned delivery day based on the county you are located in. All orders must be placed 5 business days prior to delivery or pickup.

Click continue after completing these 3 fields.

Click here to view the Ordering & Delivery Schedule Calendar to reference order by dates and county delivery dates. Please closely follow the dates on each month’s Ordering & Delivery Schedule Calendar to ensure that your orders are placed accurately.

Step 5: You are now on the order screen.

Each product on the order screen will have information under each column, defined below:

  • Ref
    • The unique reference number for this product in the online ordering system.
    • You can click the reference for further information about the product such as: reference photo, food categories in mixed boxes, and any possible allergy information.
  • Product
    • This is the name of the product in the online ordering system.
  • Storage
    • Indicates the storage requirements for the product: freezer, refrigerator, or dry storage.
  • Packing
    • The quantity and size of the product per case.
      • Example: 24/16 oz
        • 24 units in the case/each unit is 16 oz
      • Type
        • The broad product category
          • Examples of product categories: Beverage, Produce, Cereal, Bread/Bakery, Juice, etc.
        • Price
          • This column indicates the price per case for the product.
        • Unit (This column is very important!)
          • Products may be listed to order by case or by pound. Pay close attention to how the product is listed as you order.
          • If the product is sold by pound the product name will always include the number of products per box.
  • You will order the total pounds that would be in the total number of cases you want to order.
    • In the above example you would order 150 lbs in order to get 5 cases of dog food.
  • Weight
    • The weight of each case for the product.
    • Products ordered by the pound will be the total pounds ordered.
  • Available
    • The total number of cases or pounds your agency has available to order based on your agency size.
  • Qty (Quantity)
    • Enter the number of cases or pounds into this field
  • Del (Delete)
    • Delete this item from your shopping cart.

Using the Search Bar in the below image will allow you to find certain items on the shopping list using key words. (Apple, Pasta, Corn, etc)
Checking the box that says “Free Food Only” will allow you to filter the shopping list to only show products that MANNA is not charging agencies for.

online ordering step four





Step 6: Type in the quantity you would like to order for a product in the “Qty” column. The product is added to your cart by pressing Enter on your keyboard or clicking away from the text box.

After you add a product to your cart you will see a green “Wait…” message (displayed in the image below). This indicates the system is processing that product being added to your cart. To ensure that items are properly added to your cart please wait unit that message is gone before adding the next item to your cart.

online ordering step five





Step 8: Once you have added all of the items you would like to your cart you ready to checkout. To do so click the “View Cart” button located directly under the green “Order Entry” text towards the top of the screen, or at the very bottom of the screen.

online ordering step six




Step 9: This is the order confirmation screen.

Enter your contact information into the text boxes labeled “Name,” “Phone Number,” and “Email Address.”

Use the comments field to communicate any additional information or issues you had during the ordering process. Requests for additional food or for products not currently on the shopping list will not be added to the order during processing.

Please review your order carefully. When you are satisfied with your order click “Checkout” on the right side of the screen to submit your order.

online ordering step seven





Step 10: If you have successfully submitted your order there will be an order confirmation page that says, “Thank you! Your order was successfully submitted.”

online ordering step seight





If you need any assistance with your login information or if your need assistance during the order process please reach out to the Agency Relations Coordinator at (828)299-3663, ext 1272.