Disaster Response 

Food banks across the country are on the front lines of action in times of emergency, and MANNA FoodBank helps provide resources, logistical support, networking, and other support to areas in our service area, across the state of North Carolina, regionally in the Southeast, and further as those needs arise. As a member of the national Feeding America network of food banks, we are connected to agencies across the country, and work quickly in these times to mobilize emergency food needs and other supplies, as available.  


In times of adverse weather, MANNA will respond to on-the-ground needs for food and water resources, and other logistical support as we are able. In the last decade, MANNA has responded to needs following weather-related disasters caused by hurricanes, wild fires, flooding, and more.  

Other Emergencies 

The COVID-19 pandemic is another example of how MANNA responds to emergencies affecting our region and beyond. When the pandemic began, MANNA immediately shifted all operations to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff, partners, and volunteers while we worked simultaneously to provide the support and resources for thousands of families in our area who were impacted.  

How You Can Help 

Donate Money 

Donating money is the best way to help us to prepare, respond and recover from a disaster. It allows us to allocate resources freely when and where they are most needed. 


Ask your friends and family to donate, too. (One easy way is to create a Facebook fundraiser.) Small amounts add up quickly and can provide much-needed relief.  

Think Twice Before Donating Supplies 

Although items like food, water, or supplies are often needed, we sometimes run into logistical challenges like too much of a certain product, or difficulty in storing. To provide the most help, ensure the product is being specifically requested before donating. You can follow MANNA’s social media channels to stay up-to-date on our most-needed items, calls to action, and more; or you can call our main office to inquire about our highest priority needs: (828) 299-3663.