Current Partners

MANNA FoodBank works daily with a dedicated network of partners who are focused on ensuring that their immediate communities across Western North Carolina have access to food when they need it. This network is comprised of a wide range of nonprofits, community groups, religious organizations, schools, and county governments, as well as passionate individuals who see a need in their region and step forward to make an impact.  

Learn About Partnership

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to check out our information on Becoming A Partner.

Food Distribution Partners

MANNA encourages the community to support food relief partners in their immediate neighborhood. You can search the map below to find current Partner Agencies who are hard at work to make food accessible in your area. We strongly recommend you contact a partner first to find out what their specific needs might be, including food drives, volunteer support, financial donations, advocacy, and more.  

Find a MANNA partner near you on our Food Finder map here.

Feeding Children Partners

MANNA works with schools, county governments, daycare centers, afterschool programs, and others to provide direct food support to children and their families.  

Learn more about MANNA’s efforts centering on feeding children here, and refer to our map below for our current partners helping us to provide food relief to children and families across WNC.