TGD Cuts, LLC Recalls Certain Fresh-Cut Fruit Cup, Clamshell and Tray Products Due to Possible Health Risk - 12/7/23

Company Announcement Date:

December 05, 2023

FDA Publish Date:

December 05, 2023

Product Type:

Food & Beverages
Foodborne Illness

Reason for Announcement:

Potential to be contaminated with Salmonella

Company Name:


Brand Name:

Not Branded

Product Description:

Fruit cups, clamshells and trays containing cantaloupe


Company Announcement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 5, 2023 – TGD Cuts, LLC has initiated a voluntary recall of the specific fresh-cut fruit cup, clamshell and tray products listed below because they contain cantaloupe from TruFresh which has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometime fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare instances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

Due to the expanded recall of fresh, whole cantaloupes by TruFresh, on November 28, 2023, TGD Cuts, LLC is issuing this recall. Cantaloupes recalled by TruFresh were used as a raw material in TGD Cuts, LLC fruit cup, clamshell and tray products listed below.

This recall includes fresh-cut fruit cup, clamshell and tray products containing cantaloupe listed in the table below with use-by dates of November 2, 2023, through November 24, 2023. Products were distributed to retail and food service locations in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina. No other products are affected.

There have been no reported illnesses to date associated with the fruit cup, clamshell and tray products listed below.

Consumers, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers should not eat, sell, or serve recalled cantaloupe or recalled products containing cantaloupe.

Some consumers freeze cantaloupe for later use. Consumers should check their freezers and throw away recalled fresh or cut cantaloupe that was frozen for later use.

If you are not sure if your cantaloupe is part of the recall, do not eat or use it and throw it away.

These products are beyond their usable shelf-life and are no longer expected to be in commerce.

TGD Cuts, LLC takes the safety and integrity of the products it sells seriously. If customers have product affected by this voluntary recall, they should discard it immediately or return it to their local store for a full refund.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at (410)-799-5700 M-F between the hours of 6:30am-3:00pm EST.

TGD Cuts, LLC Contact Information
Monday thru Friday 6:30am–3:00pm EST

Attention Customer Care
Jennifer Henderson-Adams M-F 6:30am-2:00pm Ext. #4305
Stephanie Lyons M-F 7:30am-3:00pm Ext. #4308

Item UPC Use By/Julian
Date Start
Use By/Julian
Date End
Cantaloupe Chunks 1″ 50/2 oz. 840219184845 11/7/2023 11/7/2023
Cantaloupe Chunks 1″ 2/5 lb. 840219184449 23300 23314
Cantaloupe Chunks 6/16oz. 840219150345 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Cantaloupe Chunks 50/2 oz. 840219186030 11/2/2023 11/21/2023
Cantaloupe Chunks 4/2.5 lb. 840219185231 23296 23314
Cantaloupe Chunks 20 lb. 840219170190 23296 23317
Cantaloupe Chunks 3/30 oz. 840219150338 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Cantaloupe Chunks 5 lb. 840219134499 23296 23317
Cantaloupe Chunks 2/5 lb. 840219196701 23296 23317
Cantaloupe Chunks 4/6 oz. 840219198569 11/3/2023 11/24/2023
Cantaloupe Chunks 6/9 oz. 840219165196 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Cantaloupe Spears 6/16 oz. 840219163697 11/2/2023 11/24/2023
Cantaloupe Spears 100/2 oz. 840219172088 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Cantaloupe Spears 50/2 oz. 840219179452 11/7/2023 11/21/2023
Cantaloupe Spears 50/4 oz. 840219138756 11/14/2023 11/21/2023
Fruit Tray 3/64 oz. 840219166315 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Fruit Tray w/ Dip 3/36 oz. 840219175454 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Fruit Tray w/ Dip 3/5 lb. 840219195926 23298 23317
Fruit Tray w/ Dip 3/56 oz. 840219171777 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Melon Loupe/Dew Chunks 50/2 oz. 840219178080 11/2/2023 11/21/2023
Melon Tri-Color Chunks 6/9 oz. 840219192703 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit 20 lb. 840219153148 23296 23317
Mixed Fruit 5 lb. 840219116273 23296 23317
Mixed Fruit 2/5 lb. 840219153247 23296 23317
Mixed Fruit Aloha Bowl 3/48 oz. 840219170299 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Burst 6/10 oz. 840219168357 11/2/2023 11/24/2023
Mixed Fruit Chunk 4/32 oz. 840219109947 11/23/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Chunk 4/6 oz. 840219198606 11/3/2023 11/24/2023
Mixed Fruit Chunks 1″ 20 lb. 840219178912 23297 23317
Mixed Fruit Chunks 6/16 oz. 840219170480 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Chunks 3/30 oz. 840219165219 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Chunks 6/9 oz. 840219165196 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Cube 1/2″ – No Grape 20 lb. 840219191096 23300 23313
Mixed Fruit Luau Bowl 3/56 oz. 840219171753 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Medley 4/16 oz. 840219182445 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Medley 6/6 oz. 840219124292 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Melon Medley Chunk 6/16 oz. 840219109954 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Melon Medley Chunk 4/32 oz. 840219109961 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Mixed Fruit Spears 6/16 oz. 840219171579 11/2/2023 11/24/2023
Mixed Fruit Tray 3/40 oz. 840219175898 11/2/2023 11/23/2023
Tropical Fruit Bowl 4/24 oz. 840219193786 11/2/2023 11/24/2023


* We believe that none of the product being recalled were processed or offered through the national office
* We strongly encourage you to notify your agencies within one business day from receipt of this notice.
* ALL cased and uncased inventories, both at the member level and agency level, need to be checked. This product may have entered member and agency warehouses through salvage, local donations, TEFAP, local purchases, retail pickups, food drives, or other avenues.
* For additional local details, please contact the Health Department(s) for the area(s) your food bank serves.
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