Partner Spotlight: United Christian Ministries of Jackson County

Providing Neighbors in Jackson County with Food & Resources

Since 1989, United Christian Ministries (UCM) of Jackson County has provided neighbors with food and relief. In 2021, UCM distributed over 21,000 bags of food to over 2,200 households. In addition to food, UMC has assisted neighbors with paying for utilities, rent, medications, personal care items and overnight stays.

UCM draws support from a wide-range of residents in Jackson County. The MANNA partner agency has over 40 regular volunteers, as well as, interns and support from Western Carolina University students.

Looking ahead, UCM is has many goals on how they intend to address food insecurity in Jackson County. UCM is hoping to partner with more local farms so they can increase the amount of nutrient-dense food they distribute. They also intend on creating a mobile pantry and identifying underserved areas that they can serve. Most importantly, however, UCM is planning on continuing to treat everyone with kindness, dignity and respect.