Food Drives: Uniting to End Hunger in WNC

Follow these six steps:2014-03-11 10.28.39

  1. Identify a reasonable goal. Consider how long you’ll run the drive and how many people you expect to participate.
  2. Decide how you will collect the donated food. Depending on the size of your drive, bags and/or boxes work well. You can gather your own materials or pick up a barrel from our warehouses on Swannanoa River Road.
  3. Decide what materials you’ll need. Create your own materials and/or request supplies such as posters, donor envelopes, and fact sheets. Request supplies from our Food Drive Coordinator at Here is our standard barrel sign that lists most desired foods: Barrel Sign
  4. Spread the word about your food drive. By contacting our Food Drive Coordinator at the above address, we can add your food drive to our events calendar.
  5. Keep enthusiasm high! Send out e-mails to participants, hold a contest, etc.
  6. Deliver the food yourself to MANNA’s warehouse. Ask us to weigh it and take a picture of you and your food for our Facebook page!

Food Drive F.A.Q.’s

Where can I drop off food? Thank you for delivering your food donations to us. This helps us keep our drivers on the road delivering food throughout Western North Carolina. On Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can bring your donated food items to our warehouses at 627 Swannanoa River Road. Step inside to ask for assistance, or buzz the bell and someone will be able to help you unload food items from your car and take them to our scale to be weighed.

Do I need to let MANNA FoodBank know that I am having a food drive? The best way to let us know is to fill out our quick and easy  Food Drive Planning Worksheet.  All forms may be sent to or faxed to (828)299-3676.

Can I find out how much my group collected? Please ask us to have your total collection weighed when you bring in your donation to MANNA FoodBank. We encourage you to share this information with those who participated!

Should I donate food or funds? BOTH donations are appreciated. Every pound of food that we collect provides the equivalent of 1.2 meals to our neighbors in need. Every dollar donated allows us to provide enough food for 3.5 meals.

Do you have barrels or boxes for collecting food? We have food barrels that are available for you to use during your drive. We ask those who wish to use barrels to come to MANNA FoodBank to pick up them. It is always helpful to let MANNA know ahead of time if you wish to use food drive barrels. Sturdy cardboard boxes also work well for food drives, such as empty banana boxes or office copy paper boxes.

Do you have promotional materials I can use? We have promotional materials that you may use which includes a poster of our most needed items; brochures and annual reports; and information on our website. We are also willing to speak to your group about our work or provide tours of our operations.

How does the food collected reach the people who need it? The food collected from a food drive is first processed by our volunteers. They inspect and categorize the food. Once the food has been processed it is immediately made available to our partner agencies. These agencies get the food to people in our region who are struggling with hunger.