Introducing the Food Finder: A New Online Tool to Find Food Fast

Introducing the Food Finder: A New Online Tool to Find Food Fast

It is with great excitement that we introduce our new Food Finder Tool.

This online resource, now on our website, aims to better connect neighbors in need with our partner network of pantries, meal providers, and other nonprofits committed to people facing hunger in the region. 

The tool is first meant to be easy to use for our neighbors (both on desktop and mobile). Enter your address and you are presented with a handful of available partners. The tool also provides options to filter results by distance, open days and hours, and various amenities including wheelchair access and Wi-Fi.

Not only does this tool help neighbors in need, but it provides incredible value to our partners. Often, our partners’ primary focus is on providing food and resources to neighbors, while staying up to date with web development is simply out of reach. The Food Finder ultimately enables our partners to have an easily manageable web presence for free.

The Food Finder Tool is designed to enhance the efficiency of the partner network by centralizing information on food distribution points, pantries, and assistance programs. By leveraging the collective strength of our partners, we aim to provide ongoing outreach and support to anyone in WNC who might be facing a grocery gap. 

“Our partner network is the backbone of our efforts to combat hunger in Western North Carolina. Together, we form a united front against food insecurity,” says Dr. Claire Neal, CEO at MANNA. “The Food Finder tool is a testament to our commitment to empowering our partners while also streamlining access to food resources for our neighbors who need our help.” 

To underscore the collaborative nature of this initiative, we are calling on you, our community members, businesses, and organizations to actively share the Food Finder Tool within your networks. By amplifying awareness of this resource, we hope to strengthen the reach of our partner network and ensure that no one in the region goes hungry. 

“Our partner network is an invaluable force in the fight against hunger,” says Neal. “Through collective efforts, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.” 

To explore the Food Finder Tool and learn more about MANNA’s extensive partner network dedicated to hunger relief in Western North Carolina, please visit