The Teams Behind the Numbers

The Teams Behind the Numbers

MANNA Staff are giving it their all, every day, to keep hope alive for thousands in WNC.

We don’t often highlight the important work that our staff is also doing on a daily basis, because it is just part of who we are as an organization. At a time like this, we feel especially compelled to highlight our incredible Operations Department, who are putting in long hours and going above and beyond to deliver not just food, but hope, to thousands.

The Operations Department consists of four important teams: Order Pick, Transportation, Distribution, and Reclaim. The care and hard work that goes into every pound of food is through the focused and determined efforts by our dedicated staff. Each day, this group of men and women make it their mission to get as much food as needed to the people of WNC.

With over 200 partners, and more than 30 regular markets and express deliveries each month, MANNA’s operations are a testament to efficiency.

Here’s a couple recent highlights that illustrate the incredibly hard work of “Team Ops”.

With the massive increase in distribution due to the pandemic, this Order Pick team recently hit a hope-inspiring new daily record: over 103,000 lbs of food packed and ready to ship, thanks to support from a few additional team mates.

The Transportation team obliterated any previous food delivery records by delivering over 90,000 lbs of food in a single day…twice in one week.

This incredible team of men and women are driven by the clear need for food in our region, and continue to deliver hope all across WNC every day.

While these are a few of the teams who help MANNAfest Hope every day, there is so much more that happens at MANNA, thanks to dedicated staff, that we will continue to highlight throughout the month of MANNAfesting Hope on our social media channels. So stay tuned!