The 13th Annual Student Food Drive

The 13th Annual Student Food Drive


The past few years, we have been unable to host our annual student food drive due to the pandemic. This year, however, the student food drive and the competition between schools to see who can collect the most food returns!

Throughout the entire month of March, schools will be hosting food drives and competing between each other to see who can donate the most pounds of food to MANNA or their local partner agency. Students can also earn points that will be added to their total score by making financial donations, volunteering at their local partner agency, participating in hunger and nutrition education opportunities and joining us in our #MANNAStudentChallenge2022 TikTok campaign.

To earn points for their school through the #MANNAStudentChallenge2022, students can create TikTok videos that either feature them eating a fruit or vegetable they have never tried before or highlight a recipe that they believe is unique to their family.

At the end of the campaign, we will announce winners for each of our categories: high school, middle school, elementary school, college or university, most improved, rookie of the year and most creative.

If you are interested in having your school participate in MANNA’s Annual Student Food Drive, contact Jake Deuterman at

Virtual Student Food Drive