Rice-ing Up to the Challenge

Rice-ing Up to the Challenge

Thermo Fisher Scientific Packs Thousands of Pounds of Rice for WNC Families

In early November, Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted their annual rice-packing event, “Rice-ing Up to the Challenge.”

After purchasing the rice for the event, Thermo Fisher asked their employees to sign up as teams for specific shifts throughout the day. During those shifts, teams had thirty minutes to pack as many bags of rice as possible. At the end of the day, the top three teams were announced.

Teams brought more than just a helping hand. They brought comradery and spirit to the event. Team names included, Rice Rice Baby, The Rice is Right, No More Mr. Rice Guy and many other clever names. Some teams even arrived to their shifts dressed in themed outfits, such as It’s Raining Rice, who wore shirts with their names printed on them and umbrella hats.

At the end of the day, 16 teams, consisting of 84 total Thermo Fisher Scientific employees, packed a whopping 7,957 pounds of rice. That’s 6,631 meals!

Thank you to Thermo Fisher Scientific for “Rice-ing Up to the Challenge” and helping provide meals for families throughout WNC.