Partner Agency Highlight: Serving Latinx Communities in WNC

A recent report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) is helping to showcase the impact racial disparity has on a household’s food security. In the report, which was published in June of 2021, data indicates that Latinx populations faced a higher rate of food hardship prior to the pandemic and continue to face a high rate of food insecurity. According to the report, in mid-December 2020, Latinx adults were more than twice as likely to face food insufficiency than white adults. According to even more recent data, this is unfortunately still true.

As we know, food insecurity often aligns with a lack of monetary funds. According to the CBPP study, Latinx adults were more likely to struggle to cover expenses throughout the pandemic, including the cost of housing. Hunger and poverty, however, was not limited to Latinx adults. The pandemic created an increase in child poverty for Latinx children, while other populations saw little to no increase in child poverty.

As an organization dedicated to feeding our region, we are proud to have partners who are dedicated to serving Latinx populations throughout WNC, who are statistically more at-risk for facing food insecurity and hunger. These partners are helping to make sure our Latinx neighbors throughout WNC have access to culturally appropriate food that will lessen the burdens of the pandemic and allow them to live and thrive.

Please join us in saying THANK YOU to our incredible partners working to end hunger in our Latinx communities: Abundancia, BeLoved, Bounty & Soul, Centro Unido Latino Americano, Hendersonville Spanish SDA, International Friendship Center, Pan de Vida, Pigeon Community Multicultural Development Center and St. Vincent de Paul, as well as, our MANNA Community Market partners: Catholic Charities, CIMA, Emma United Methodist Church, the Henderson County Health Department, Hola Carolina, Skyland United Methodist Church and Wellington Estates.