Pushing the Limits for Peanut Butter

Shaniqua Simuel donated 340 jars of peanut butter this month as part of her effort to win a $7500 scholarship from DoSomething.org. The organization is targeted for older teens and people in their early twenties. Shaniqua took on PB + Slam Jam.

In less than a week she managed to get 340 jars of peanut butter. How did she do it? Her methods were varied: calls, texts, emails, flyers, social media, and even going door to door. Her amazing results surpassed her goal of 100 jars.  I collected all these jars in just six days, in an attempt to earn a scholarship. Do Something.org offered the chance to win a $7,500 dollar scholarship. The participant had to collect ten of any one nonperishable item for one chance (unlimited chances). My goal was 100. I am so proud of myself.

When asked about her motivation, Shaniqua says, “The reason I jumped right into action is because this time I wasn’t just accepting a donors money. This time I am giving. I am giving to someone who needs something nutritious and filling. This thought kept me determined.”