At MANNA FoodBank, We’re Orange AND Green

At MANNA FoodBank, We’re Orange AND Green

Recycling bins

Giant recycle bin delivery day!

Did you know that 40 percent of all the food produced in the United States is thrown out without ever being part of a nutritious meal? At MANNA, we work to be the link that connects food to hungry people.  Whether it’s fruits and vegetables of an unusual shape or size (we like to call it “perfectly imperfect”) or yogurt approaching its “best by” date, we try to capitalize on every opportunity to get quality food to the people we serve in the 16 counties of Western North Carolina. Food is meant for nourishment, not the landfill!

Even with the efforts of MANNA and food banks all over the United States, food waste is the third largest waste stream (paper and yard waste are #1 and #2) and accounts for the largest human related source of methane.

From the moment that vegetables are harvested or bread comes out of the oven, an imaginary clock starts ticking, and sometimes the food that is donated to us has only a few seconds left. What happens to the food that can’t be consumed before the clock runs out?

MANNA has contracted with Organix to recycle our bakery, bread, eggs and produce waste. Instead of going to a landfill, this food will be feed for dairy cows and cattle. We also work directly with some local hog farmers who use our surplus bakery for feed.

When you support MANNA FoodBank, you are not only supporting the more than 107,000 people in WNC who sought food assistance last year, you are also helping to make our corner of the state a little greener. Together we can eliminate food waste and solve hunger!