Know Your Voting Rights

Know Your Voting Rights

When going to the ballot box, it is important voters are informed of their rights. Here are a few important pieces of information to know prior to the upcoming primary.

You will not be required to show a photo ID on Super Tuesday. Despite the passing of legislation that would require a photo ID to vote, a court challenge has prevented the implementation of this new law. While this could change by the time of the general election in November, you will NOT be required to show a photo ID on March 3rd, 2020.

If your ability to vote is contested at the time of voting, you have a right to request a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is a legal right all voters have when at the ballot box. If your ability to vote is questioned, you can request a provisional ballot. After filling out the provisional ballot, the county will research whether or not you legally are able to vote. If they recognize your vote, it will be included in the election results before they’re finalized.

Unaffiliated voters have the right to vote on Super Tuesday as part of the Democratic, Libertarian or Republican primary elections. While unaffiliated voters have the ability to vote for a Democratic, Libertarian or Republican candidate, they will not be able to vote as part of the Constitution or Green Party, because both parties opted to close their primary election to unaffiliated voters.

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