Help MANNA Wrap Up Hunger!

Help MANNA Wrap Up Hunger!

The holiday shopping season is upon us! But don’t worry: MANNA is here to relieve some of the stress from your holiday gift-giving. Starting Wednesday, December 2, MANNA will be running our first-ever Wrap Up Hunger gift wrapping table at the Asheville Mall! Bring your holiday packages to our Wrap Up Hunger table in front of Sears inside the Asheville Mall until Dec. 24, and let us help with your holiday prep.

We Need Volunteers!

If you have wanted to volunteer for MANNA, but haven’t quite found the time or the right voluteering job, the MANNA gift wrapping table could be a great opportunity to start!

Gift wrapping, despite the common belief, is actually quite simple! With the help of some great friends, we have created a nifty tutorial video for anyone that doesn’t feel like their wrapping skills are up to snuff. CLICK HERE to view the gift wrap tutorial! (HERE is a link to a longer version, which includes several gift wrapping techniques.)

If you are interested in volunteering for the Wrap Up Hunger table, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Maxwell Gruber for more details.