Healthy Food + Volunteers

Healthy Food + Volunteers

Egg Candlers Help Provide Vital Nutrients to WNC

Protein is one of several essential nutrients that the human body requires in order to maintain a healthy life. As a food bank, we recognize the importance of getting high-quality and protein-rich foods to clients throughout WNC. That is why our volunteer egg candlers work to inspect every egg that is donated to MANNA before it leaves for a distribution.

Two of our egg candlers, Larry and Sandra Layton, have worked for years inspecting cartons of eggs as they pass through MANNA.

“As egg candlers, we use MANNA’s special lighting equipment to look inside each egg and make sure it is good to eat. Then, we package them up and they get delivered all over,” Sandra says, and added that thanks to donations from local stores, there is a steady stream of eggs that come through the “Chicken Coop,” where all the eggs are inspected.

As Larry so perfectly put it, “The main point of egg candling is offering people food that will allow them to live a healthier life.”

Thank you to Larry, Sandra, and all of our volunteers who help candle eggs for our neighbors across WNC!