Haywood Christian Ministry

Haywood Christian Ministry

Notes From Our Partners

For the past fifty years, Haywood Christian Ministry has been a part of Haywood County, evolving with the community to serve in many capacities and aiding vulnerable citizens to meet the challenges of everyday living. We offer a thrift store, clothing assistance, utility and rent assistance, and food assistance through partnerships with MANNA, local churches, and countless private donors to help with needs in the county.

When COVID-19 suddenly spread its vicious wrath on so many folks, we faced unprecedented challenges of having to close the thrift shop and all current services with the exception of food assistance, which became a drive-thru operation. During the initial few weeks of this challenge, a heavily reduced volunteer group tirelessly prepared up to 1,000 boxes of food per week to help thousands of our county citizens navigate a life without income from jobs lost and children at home when schools closed. We are still running the food drive-thru with over 500 boxes per week being distributed and are bracing for the challenges winter will continue to present us.

We do all of this to help our neighbors simply because it is the right thing to do. The simplest command Jesus ever gave was to feed hungry folks, clothe the naked, and care for folks in need. We think helping people meet the rigors of everyday life is the least we can do for these folks. Standing with your fellow man to get them through what is hopefully a temporary crisis is the reward to the giver.

Our volunteers and staff have never faced a challenge of this degree and all have, through God’s strength, have been able to make a difference each hour we serve those in need. Local folks stepping up to aid the cause, businesses contributing, and a strong partnership with other agencies in the county have never been more important and appreciated. MANNA has been in the fight to find new sources of food and get their products to many areas to help all of their partners feed thousands of families in western North Carolina. We are never as strong as one but literally have super-powers as many to meet this humanitarian crisis.

Dave and Phyllis Bryan