An Update from MANNA

An Update from MANNA

The Need for Food in WNC Remains High

As MANNA FoodBank, the pandemic has been both a marathon and a sprint for all aspects of our operations – and it does not appear that it will let up anytime soon.

As of the end of May, we are still serving over 40% more people than we were prior to the pandemic and we do not know when or if, we will go back to our pre-pandemic numbers.

At our partner pantries and mobile distributions, we are seeing that there are still significant numbers of the working poor who, despite all of their efforts and creative resiliency solutions, cannot make ends meet between their income and rising costs of living. Additionally, we are seeing a growing number of seniors on fixed incomes who are facing hard choices about whether they should pay their utility bill, or spend that money on food. These are choices that no one should have to make.

When we consider the ever-widening gap between the high cost of living in our beautiful region and the low-incomes many people receive, it is not surprising that many people are facing food insecurity. With our area experiencing the highest rental costs in the state, which exceed the nationwide average, and wages that fall beneath the state and national averages, it becomes easy to realize that the math in countless people’s budgets just does not add up.

This is why we are filled with gratitude for supporters like you, who make it possible for MANNA to get food to people every day since the beginning of the pandemic, through the high need we are still seeing today.

Although we do not know when we may return to pre-pandemic levels of food insecurity across our region, what we do know is with friends like you, and all of our cherished partners, we are committed to continue to show up for any and all who need us.

Thank you.