A Staggering New High…Again

A Staggering New High…Again

As we have been reporting for several months now, the skyrocketing growth in the need for emergency food continues across the NC mountains.

Amidst this crisis, we continue to be inspired by our community of partners, volunteers, supporters and advocates as we face this daily crisis for food across our region. Your actions – both large and small – motivate and inspire us, and it is only with your dedicated support that we continue to stretch every resource to be there with food when our neighbors turn to us.

What We Are Seeing and Why

MANNA and our steadfast network of food distribution partners continue to serve an astronomical need for food: in June, we served over 155,000 people, and in July, we hit another chilling high, with more than 163,000 people turning to MANNA and our partners for emergency food support.

We continue to serve hard-working families who simply can’t make the math add up with their budgets because of record housing costs, and the increase that everyone continues to see at the grocery store.

Seniors living on a fixed income are turning to us because they are faced with a desperate choice of affording healthcare and medicine, or affording food.

Families with young children are struggling against astronomical child care costs that, if they can’t afford it, often force a family member out of the work force – creating a financial hardship either way.

We hope that as you read through this newsletter, you will be inspired, too – to take action, whether large or small, to help make life better for someone calling WNC home.