The Journey of a MANNA Pack

The Journey of a MANNA Pack

Closing Children’s Weekend Meal Gap

MANNA Packs are bags of nutritious food intended to help close the weekend meal gap students experience when school is not in-session and other resources are not available. Foods include ready-to-eat breakfast items; shelf-stable fruits, vegetables, and entrees; and snacks. MANNA Packs are available at no cost to students or to our partners across WNC that distribute the Packs.

MANNA works diligently to ensure that MANNA Packs are not only accessible to students throughout our region, but also enjoyable. Keep reading through our newsletter to learn about our recent student taste panel that is helping us decide what children actually want in a MANNA Pack.

Follow a MANNA Pack on its journey from MANNA to a WNC student by watching our MANNA Pack video.

If you are interested in supporting our MANNA Packs program, please consider donating or becoming a monthly donor to ensure children throughout WNC have access to food.