Letter Carriers’ Annual Food Drive Set for May 13 Throughout the Nation

Letter Carriers’ Annual Food Drive Set for May 13 Throughout the Nation

The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) will conduct its annual national food drive on Saturday, May 13. NALC’s food drive, first held in 1993, helps feed millions of Americans, including right here in Western North Carolina.

The Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive, the country’s largest one-day food drive, provides residents with an easy way to donate food to those in need. Customers can leave their donation of non-perishable food items next to their mailbox on May 13. Letter carriers will collect these food donations on that day as they deliver mail along their postal routes, and distribute them to local food banks, pantries, shelters, and churches.

“Letter carriers are a part of every neighborhood in the nation,” said NALC President Fredric Rolando, “and we see the growing need for food assistance in our communities. On Saturday, May 13, NALC invites everyone to participate in the annual Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive. Together, we can help stamp out hunger in America.”

The timing is important, with food banks, pantries and shelters across WNC seeing growing numbers of families needing emergency food support.

“We are now serving over 130,000 people every single month across WNC,” said MANNA FoodBank Chief Executive Officer Dr. Claire Neal. “Many seniors are turning to us, as well as families with children, and across the board we are hearing that households can’t make ends meet with the skyrocketing costs of living. That is why we are more grateful than ever for this partnership with the Letter Carriers, and to every single person who takes the time to set out a food donation at their mailbox during this incredible nationwide effort.”

“Our local letter carriers are excited and ready to collect food donations for local families,” said Tavon Wells with Branch 248 NALC WNC. “We know how much families are struggling right now with the high prices of food and more, and this is one way we can all come together to help make a difference for our neighbors.”

On May 13, as they deliver mail, the nation’s 200,000 letter carriers will collect the donations that residents have left near their mailboxes. People are encouraged to leave a sturdy bag (or bags) containing non-perishable foods, such as canned soup, canned vegetables, canned meats and fish, pasta, rice, or cereal before the regular mail delivery on Saturday. The food donations stay in each community, going to help local residents.

“Stamp Out Hunger® is such an important food drive for us,” said Lisa Reynolds, Director of Food Sourcing for MANNA FoodBank. “We are so thankful for the incredible partnership with the Letter Carriers for helping us collect these donations, so that everyone can have a chance to help out.”

Talk with your letter carrier, contact your local post office, visit the NALC website, or follow Stamp Out Hunger® on Facebook or Twitter to find out more information.