What YOU + the WNC Community Are Making Possible

In August, our most recent full month of reporting, MANNA and our partner network posted another record high of more than 167,000 individuals seeking out emergency food support.

The numbers continue to grow – and food banks across the country continue to struggle with supply chain challenges, huge increases in food costs, and less support in government programs.

This all seems like an ongoing mountain to climb, but the honest truth is that every single person in our incredible food bank community is making it possible for us to be there for over 167,000 of our neighbors right now. This is an incredible example of collective compassion, and it ensures that we will continue to be there when our neighbors need food. It’s simple: it’s just who we are…and that’s because it’s who YOU are.


When we say “MANNA,” we are referring not just to the organization’s staff; we are talking about every partner agency, every food donor, every volunteer, and every community member who gives of their money or support to help ensure we can all meet this mission together. Thousands of individuals – including you – are bringing their love and compassion to this shared mission every day.

We are proud to be a place where the amazing WNC community comes together to help provide food security to as many of our neighbors as possible. Every single volunteer who comes to MANNA to sort food, load and drive trucks, support our front desk, help our neighbors apply for SNAP/FNS, shred, sweep, dust, and replenish supplies is a vital part of who we are.

Every partner running a pantry, serving a meal, providing a box of food, and being in community with our neighbors who need a hand up is a vital part of who we are.

Every donor who gives support to this life-saving mission, whether food or otherwise, is a vital part of who we are.

Every farmer, gardener, or backyard homesteader that saves a little extra to give to their neighbors, a local pantry, or to MANNA, is a vital part of who we are.


The food that you and our community helps us provide is not just food alone; it is also hope.

Every day, we see our WNC community go to work, collective food donations, sorting and preparing goods, putting groceries in people’s cars to fill their pantries and refrigerators. Every day, thousands of us are helping parents feed their kids breakfast in the morning, helping a hard-working family afford their increased rent, and helping seniors afford the health support they need while still having dinner.

This collective effort continues to be a testament to a foundational fact about our team of partners, volunteers, and staff: YOU SHOW UP.

When things are tough, our community can be confident that every food donation, every dollar, and every willing volunteer is being put to work to do the most good we can make happen.

Because it’s just who we are together.