Emergency Plans


The effects of COVID-19 are a reminder that emergencies and disasters do, unfortunately, happen. Having an Emergency Plan and letting folks know where this plan is kept can provide some peace of mind in the event of a crisis. Please don’t be caught off guard, get your binder or files updated with an Emergency Plan.

No one wants WNC families to have to do without, and you are a part of the MANNA network which can be a lifeline. Let’s keep everyone fed.


Click Here for the Emergency Plan for Partners

Printer Friendly PDF Emergency Plan for Partners


What is an Emergency Plan (EP)?

An Emergency Plan (EP) is a document that provides guidance for agencies when an unexpected change in leadership may occur. Family issues, health problems, death, and various unexplained disruptions in life can significantly impact the work of an agency if volunteers and leaders are not prepared.

What if our agency does not have the information needed to complete the EP?

If your agency does not have any information besides the information pertaining to MANNA, do not worry. We hope that we can work with you to access or acquire this information; however, an EP with solely MANNA information is still extremely useful for leadership transition.

My agency is small and is getting by month-to-month. We’ve managed to deal with changes for all these years. Why should we take the time to make a complicated document?

MANNA appreciates pantries like yours who have been able to continue feeding people despite any problems and “surprises” that come up. You are a special kind of people, so incredibly dedicated, hard-working and resourceful, however, we have seen too many agencies close their doors because a key organizer suddenly cannot keep working. It is MANNA’s hope that the EP can provide a sense of comfort and preparedness in times of stress and worry.

We completed the EP. Now, what?

Upon completion of the EP, the document should be kept in a location along with other important agency information (i.e. ServSafe certification, MANNA passwords, etc.), volunteers should be notified that the document exists and why. The completion of the EP is a huge step in making your agency more sustainable; however, the EP should be updated AT LEAST once a year. To maximize the benefit of the EP, your agency should update the document as information changes.