Wicked Weed Brewing Supports MANNA’s Food Distribution Program With a Generous Donation

You may have heard about Wicked Weed Brewing’s recent $50,000 donation to MANNA’s food distribution program, which is beyond thrilling! This surprise donation came at just the right time, helping us stretch to meet the increased need for food during the summer months, when kids are out of school and do not have access to the school meal program. In the summer, families with kids have to work harder to stretch their grocery budget, and many turn to MANNA partner pantries to help bridge the food gap.

Last year, our food distribution program provided over 13.6 million meals to families needing our help. This year, we are already on track to outpace even last year’s record of 16.4 million pounds of food distributed in a calendar year.

With increases in need, donations of this caliber from Wicked Weed Brewing are more vital to our work than ever. So, how far will Wicked Weed’s donation go towards providing food for folks in WNC? We asked a few MANNA volunteers to take a guess…