When the Need Arises, We Respond

Earlier this year, when the government shutdown meant missed paychecks for more than 6,000 people across Western North Carolina, MANNA responded. With the support of our community and partnerships with local organizations, we hosted several distributions for federal employees and provided pop-up markets for TSA employees affected by the shutdown.

Five weeks of missed paychecks put serious financial strain on many of those employees. We are proud of our work to step up and increase our distributions during this time, and provided an additional 17,419 pounds to government workers experiencing hunger during this financially challenging time, serving 121 households and 251 individuals during the shutdown.

We work hard to be able to respond to needs for food for anyone in our collective community, and thanks to your support and the support of the Humana Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, PwC Charitable Foundation, TJX Foundation, United Airlines, Visa Foundation, and the Walmart Foundation, we were able to be there to support federal employees and others in our communities struggling to bring the gap created by missed paychecks during the partial federal government shutdown.