The 26th Annual Ingles Giving Tree: A Treasured Tradition of the Giving Season!

The 26th Annual Ingles Giving Tree: A Treasured Tradition of the Giving Season!

The Ingles Giving Tree Brings Hope and Inspires Compassion

It’s more than just a Christmas tree; and, while it is constructed completely from food, it is also more than just food. For thousands of families living with the daily reality of hunger in Western North Carolina, the Ingles Giving Tree is a symbol of hope and compassion.

MANNA FoodBank is thrilled to be celebrating the 26th anniversary of the Ingles Giving Tree this year. In the past 26 years, the Ingles Giving Tree has made a huge impact in the lives of people facing empty plates during the holidays. The Ingles Giving Tree is an annual holiday fixture, and has supported MANNA’s work to end hunger in WNC by encouraging the local community to donate food and funds.

Join us Monday, November 19 at The Asheville Mall atrium (next to Barnes & Noble) for the 26th lighting celebration. Bring a bag of food donations, and you can enter to win a $500 Ingles Gift Card!

Most Needed Donation Items: (Please, no glass jars or containers.)

  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned tuna and chicken
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • No sugar added fruits
  • Low sodium soups
  • Low sodium vegetables
  • Beans, canned and dry
  • Low sugar cereals
  • Granola bars, popcorn, and other healthy snacks
  • Reusable grocery bags

Twenty Six Years of Local Giving Tradition

Since 1993—the first year of what has grown to be a favorite family holiday tradition—the Ingles Giving Tree alone has provided 1.7 million pounds of food—contributed by Ingles Markets and community food drive donations—and has raised over $1.4 million dollars, both from Ingles’ matching donations and community contributions. This combined giving history has had a major impact, providing the food for over 5.5 million meals to WNC families experiencing hunger.

“We are proud of our partnership with Ingles Markets and their dedication to making our community stronger through initiatives like the Ingles Giving Tree,” says Hannah Randall, Chief Executive Officer for MANNA FoodBank. “Their impact in the WNC community literally makes a life-saving difference for so many people facing hard times.”

“We are proud to partner with MANNA FoodBank year-round to help provide food for families facing hunger,” said Ron Freeman, CFO of Ingles Markets, in a statement. “The holidays can be especially difficult for families stretching their budgets to cover the basics. We invite our customers to celebrate the lighting of the tree and to join in giving in whatever way they can.”

“Ingles’ commitment to our local community is undeniable,” says Randall. “They put their food, money, and their hearts into making our region stronger, and what they help to accomplish during the holidays, and all year long, is a miracle for thousands of families seeking emergency food support through the MANNA partner pantry network.”

Ingles Markets is MANNA FoodBank’s most long-standing grocery partner and hometown grocer, donating food and funds to MANNA since 1985.