Spotlight on SNAP

Spotlight on SNAP

The Importance of SNAP for WNC Seniors

Did you know that one of the most effective ways of combatting food insecurity is through SNAP enrollment? SNAP not only provides families with food, but is an empowering method of food assistance. Through SNAP, families have the opportunity to choose and purchase their own groceries to bring home to their families.

Thankfully, applying for SNAP is a simple process thanks to our Helpline Team. Our Helpline agents are specially trained to assist applicants with the application. With warmth and compassion, our Helpline agents will do everything they can to help callers access food.

Furthermore, our Helpline team hosted a webinar, Spotlight on SNAP, alongside our partners, Council On Aging of Buncombe County and AARP. The live stream highlighted the benefits of SNAP enrollment, particularly for seniors. If you are interested in viewing the webinar, watch the video below.

To call the MANNA Food Helpline and speak with a Helpline agent about applying for SNAP, call 1-800-820-1109.