Host a Pop-Up Market

Bringing Food Where It’s Needed

In response to a growing need for fresh food across the mountains, MANNA has gathered resources to offer pop-up markets in areas where there is limited access to a grocery store or food pantry. Pop-up markets are offered in partnership with community organizations (Community Partners) who host the market in their local neighborhood or community.

What is a MANNA Pop-Up Market?

MANNA Pop-Up Markets provide an abundance of fresh produce of the best variety we have to offer at the time of the pop-up, as well as other available grocery items, set up in a farmer’s market style. Community members in need of food assistance are invited by the Community Partner to shop the pop-up and bring home enough produce to supplement a week’s worth of meals. MANNA can also provide recipes, nutrition information, and local food resources.

Who Can Host A Pop-Up Market?

Any nonprofit, church, or community organization that identifies a need for fresh food in their local community can be a Community Partner with MANNA.

How Does A Pop-Up Market Work?

The day of the pop-up market, MANNA arrives with a box truck full of fresh produce, perishables, and other grocery items. Volunteers with the Community Partner host site help off load the truck and set up tables and produce sections in a farmer’s market-style setting. Clients can choose the variety and amount of produce to meet their family’s food need. All produce and fresh food is given out that same day in a two-hour window through a simple intake process to identify the number of people in the household, zip code, and a simple, unobtrusive confirmation of their need for food support.

What Role Does the Community Partner Play?

The Community Partner plays a very important role! The Community Partner hosts, promotes, and advertises the pop-up to their local community. The Community Partner is also responsible for providing at least three volunteers to coordinate and work the pop-up from set up to clean up.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in being a Community Partner with MANNA and hosting a pop-up market, please complete and email the attached sign-up form to let us know your interest and availability.

Want to Learn More? Please contact Amy Haynes, Associate Director of Agency Relations and Mobile Programs at 828-299-3663 ext. 1234.