Hendersonville Woman’s Club Selects MANNA for 2017 “Year of Giving” Initiative

We are thrilled to be the January recipient of the Hendersonville Woman’s Club, Inc.‘s brand new “Year of Giving” initiative! These dedicated community leaders presented MANNA with a check to support MANNA Packs for Kids in Henderson County! Each week, MANNA provides critical food for over 650 children in 13 schools in Henderson County alone.

Sharyn Frank, the HWC Membership Chair, chose MANNA FoodBank as the group’s first nonprofit for their year-long giving initiative.

“There are just so many worthy and amazing charitable organizations in Henderson County,” says Frank. “For me, the “Packs for Kids” program came to mind immediately because child hunger is very serious on so many levels. My daughter’s family is in the process of adopting two children who have become “A” students through a loving environment and good nutrition! Certainly, nurturing is a major factor in a child’s development, but a child’s ability to learn is directly related to their daily nutrition. Unfortunately, even a loving environment is adversely affected by a family’s inability to provide proper nutrition for their children. This is where the “Packs for Kids” program automatically steps-in and sends nutritious foods home to the family.”

Thank you, Hendersonville Woman’s Club, for your dedication to serving children in need in Henderson County! Pictured above, from left to right, are HWC Members Nan Patton, Tanya Chin, President Norah Schumacher, Sharyn Frank (center), Toni Warren and MANNA FoodBank’s Chief Development Officer, Mary Nesbitt.