Food Really Is Love.

A Special Valentine’s Day Message Celebrating All the Love You Share

It’s central to more than just sustaining life. It’s the heart of every family and community gathering, it’s how people celebrate milestones, moments, and traditions. It can tell a history, or can become part of the future. Food is a reflection of life in its most physical form, and is as important to human culture as breathing.
Food is at the heart of our individual and shared community lives.
At MANNA, the passion for food and a passion for feeding others is embodied every day with the hundreds of volunteers who show up to make good things happen for members of our community facing most likely one of their most trying and desperate times. This passion for feeding is fueled by our dedicated food donors, making sure we can utilize as much food as possible instead of it going to a landfill. The passion for food is one connecting thread that ties people of all walks of life together, and that is especially true at MANNA.
We take a lot of pride in the fact that MANNA is a magnet for people who carry this passion for food, and a passion for taking care of each other. In the face of the alarming need for food in our region, the desire to care for each other shines through as something everyone at MANNA can feel good about.
There is an easing of the soul that can happen when we work towards making a difference in our world, and we are so lucky to see this in action every day, thanks to you, and the thousands of other supporters who put love into action by helping feed our WNC community.
Thank you for being such an important part of providing food with hope and dignity across the region, and imbuing that work with such an inspirational love for humanity.
Here at MANNA, because of you, food truly IS love.