Compliance Resources for Partners

Please use the resources and guidelines below to follow best practices and be in compliance as a partner agency. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your efforts towards implementing these best practices at your agency.

MANNA Compliance Grey Areas Worksheet – [Download]

This worksheet highlights the most frequently asked questions from our partner agencies in the area of compliance. These “gray areas” are listed with requirements and recommendations based on the best information we could gather through Feeding America.

MANNA Self-Declaration Client Eligibility Form – [Download]

MANNA food and product is intended to serve people experiencing food insecurity due to having a low-income, economic crisis, illness and / or children under 18 years of age. Clients of food pantries and feeding programs are only required to self-declare their need, but we do ask that our partner agencies have a procedure, process, or form to determine client need. We created this sample client intake form for agencies to use if they don’t have an intake form.

Declaration of Need Sign – [Download]

This sign can be displayed by partner agencies as a way for clients to self-declare their need.

Non-TEFAP Food Box Client Eligibility Form – [Download]

For our agencies who offer food boxes during their distribution, this form can be used to determine eligibility through self-declaration.

MANNA Client Data Toolkit – [Download]

All partner agencies are required to provide monthly statistics on the people they are helping. This includes the total number of individuals served, total number of households served, and demographic information on all clients (age, gender, and race/ethnic background). This toolkit offers a step by step guide on monthly client data responsibilities of all agencies.

Use of Food Bank Food – [Download]

We recommend that all agencies post this 1-page sign that lists what MANNA product can be used for, as well what it should not be used for.

Temp Log – [Download]

For food safety reasons, we ask that partner agencies check and log temperatures of all fridge and freezer units that store MANNA food at least once a week.