Bread and Produce 12-2 pm, effective July 1, 2019

PRODUCEWe encourage our partners to come as often as they’d like, in order to take advantage of our free bread and produce, available every weekday from 12-2 pm, effective July 1, 2019.  (The previous time was 1-3 pm)

Please remember that this is donated produce and that it may not be in perfect condition. In most cases, it has been removed from the grocery store shelves.

Swing by any day if you’re in the area and take some extra produce back to your organization.

Thank you for all that you do for WNC, from all of us at MANNA!Cute veggies (300 x 220)RECIPES
For a listing of some recipes we’ve compiled, visit this MANNA web page.

If you have a recipe to share, send it our way or post it in our Facebook group, “MANNA FoodBank Partner Network.”